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Here's the reality...

96% of your visitors aren't converting.
In fact, they're not doing anything.

They come. They go. And worst of all, you don't know why.

Was it the copy, the design, a technical issue, or maybe your offer itself?

Were they even the right people?

Even more frustrating than not knowing is the money wasted on getting these unconverting visitors to your site.

Whether you're using banner or CPC advertising, email marketing, SEO, or good, old-fashion print, nothing hurts more than attracting new visitors and just watching them leave.

You need answers, not theories.

You need solutions, not opinions.

You need data, not another one-size-fits-all list of best practices.

Most of all, you need results.

Here's what we achieved for just a few of our clients
in under 3 months...

  • 75% boost in qualified sales leads
  • 300% lift in email CTR
  • 64% rise in year-end revenue.
  • 321% increase in year-end sales.

Imagine what you could do with over 4x More Sales!

Results like these are exactly why major online brands trust DelfiNet to make the most of their online business.

DelfiNet Gets You Proven Results.

Connect with us today and just like Jetset Connect — start increasing your content delivery, your leads, and your revenue.

DelfiNet helped us to identify process bottlenecks and streamline our content delivery. Content that took days could now be ready within hours.

The decreased lead time allowed us the ability to do real-time conversion testing on partner pages... increasing our lead generation and partnership revenue by a significant margin.

Annie Lee, President, Jetset Connect

So, how do we do it?

By creating, testing, and unleashing an intelligent business strategy built on your goals, your data, and your success.

In fact, we're so confident in the science of our approach that we guarantee results from all our implemented strategies.

Of course, we can't give away all our secrets — although if you connect with us you can tap into the full power of our intelligent business optimization.

For now, here's an in depth overview of our proven and systematic method to growing your online business.


Built on Your Business' Unique Success Metrics

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That Matter

Intelligent Data
for Real Results

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Conversion Rate Optimization

Scientific Testing
for Powerful Growth

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Development & Strategy

To Launch Your Entire Digital Presence

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#1 Marketing Strategies

Built on Your Business' Unique Success Metrics

The first step in intelligent marketing is you.

That's why all DelfiNet engagements start with an in-depth data dive where we get to know everything about you, your business, and your goals.

This 3-to-4-day process normally takes place through video conferencing and online strategy sessions. But we can easily move it on-site at your convenience.

By focusing directly on you, our full-service team of consultants, CRO experts, analysts, designers, UX testers, developers, and content marketers...

Discover the key success metrics that move your business' needle.

Why start with metrics?

Because you can't management what you can't measure. And (even more importantly) you can't monetize it.

That's why, before we test, change, or propose anything, we make sure we know exactly what you need to grow your business.

DelfiNet's 50+ years of combined industry experience and
$30-million-dollar track record of success
begins and ends with data.

After uncovering your goals and the key metrics that will define success, we deliver a custom Intelligent Business Report...

A detailed, testable, and ready-to-implement marketing strategy built for you. Your own personalized roadmap to digital dominance.

Your strategy roadmap includes action items like...

  • Immediate & Long-Term Business Goals
  • Detailed Picture of Product Success
  • Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) to Track Your Results
  • Review of Your Top Performing and Underperforming Assets
  • Comprehensive Plan for Analytics & Data Collection
  • Preliminary A/B Testing and Existing-User Surveys (VoC)
  • Initial Wireframes, Consultations & Strategy Sessions
  • Content, Product & Development Plan
  • Preliminary Marketing & Messaging Outline
  • Buyer Personas and Audience Analysis
  • Plus a Timeline of Proposed Milestones & Deliverables

Best of all, when we say the Intelligent Business Report is "yours," we don't just mean it's about you.

"Yours" means yours. Period.

You own it.

And you can do exactly what you want with it, whether that means implementing it yourself, hiring another team of optimizers, or continuing with us into the second stage... analytics.

We were expecting to reach ROI on the project in 6 months.

With DelfiNet's system improvements and marketing strategies, we were able to reach ROI in 3 weeks.

Takeishi Ibuki, Board of Directors
Kurokabe Square

Get your own Intelligent Business Report.

Connect with us today and get on the road to digital dominance.

#2 Analytics That Matter

Real Data for Real Results

Our approach to business intelligence is first and foremost data-driven. And it's this commitment to real numbers that makes our partnerships so effective...

We test and prove everything.

Using an arsenal of top analytics tools, we isolate the data most important to your success: the metrics and KPIs that truly impact your business' bottom line.

This includes both quantitative data — the numbers — as well as qualitative data — what your users actually think.

Combining raw data with voice of the customer surveys and user experience testing enables you understand your visitors and optimize your online business so that it works... for them and you!.

Of course, collecting data is just the start.

Anyone who's tried to navigate analytics alone knows how overwhelming the process can be.

The only thing worse than no data... is too much. Making sense of your online numbers and translating them into real action can often feel crushing.

In fact, this is one of the vital elements of our process that separates DelfiNet from other CRO companies.

By starting with an Intelligent Business Report specific to you,
we ensure that the data we're analyzing is tied directly to your business goals

This means we don't dump every click, scroll, hover, visit, back-button, and interaction on you without an explanation of what it means and how to respond.

Of course, we could track it all (and behind the scenes those numbers are collected).

So, why don't we do we follow the same here's-a-giant-spreadsheet approach most CRO firms do?

Because if you're tracking everything... you aren't tracking anything.

Data overload paralyzes you. And when you're distracted by data and numbers that don't actually matter, you not only end up doing the wrong thing, usually you don't do anything at all.

Get actionable analytics that build your bottom line.

I've known Keith for 8 years and would co-founder him in a second but he built [DelfiNet] instead. Expect technical excellence and obsessive-compulsive attention to detail.

Patrick McKenzie, Senior Conversion Consultant
Kalzumeus Software

#3 Conversion Rate Optimization (CRO)

A/B Testing and Solutions to Ensure Powerful Growth
The Power of Science for Powerful Growth

What is CRO? Simply put...

CRO is a scientific approach to improving your online performance.

This scientific approach begins and ends with "A/B testing." Here's how it works...

We start by selecting an existing piece of your own online "collateral": normally an ad, a webpage, or email. This existing content makes the "A" in A/B testing.

Next we identify one element of that collateral to modify. Commonly that element will be the headline, the image, the copy, the layout, or the CTA. This modified version becomes the "B."

To give you an idea of what this actually looks like, here's an overview of all the elements that can be "optimized for conversion" on a standard webpage.

[Infographic of an Optimized Webpage]

And here's an overview of the elements that can be optimized in an email:

[Infographic of a Optimized Email]

Taking an intelligent approach means optimization isn't about prettier buttons, better design, or more compelling copy.

It might be, and often times a small tweak can make a big difference. But we never assume anything without data.

So much of your online business can be tested and optimized that having an intelligent, systematic method aimed at replicating wins is vital.

At DelfiNet, we've developed that "intelligent, systematic method" by mapping your customer's buying process into 4 Cs:





"Turn strangers into friends, friends into customers, and customers into salespeople."

Seth Godin

The 4 Cs: #1 Connection

Connection is the first step in intelligent business CRO.

Think of Connection as the leading edge of all your digital marketing: social, email, PPC, CPC, banners, whitepapers, landing pages, and opt-ins.

The trouble most businesses run into with optimizing their Connection is that first impressions (no matter how good they are) don't pay the bills.

Sure, everybody wants more traffic, higher click through rates, and increased engagement. And optimizing your marketing so that you attract new visitors and more prospects is great.

But what really matters isn't how many you're attracting, but who you're attracting.

In other words, intelligent business optimization isn't just about increasing the raw power of your advertising and marketing campaigns. Instead...

Connection is about attracting the right audience:
the people who're falling over themselves to buy what you're selling.

DelfiNet's CRO process not only boosts traffic by optimizing your front-line marketing, more importantly we track...

  • Who your visitors are.
  • Where they come from.
  • What they want.
  • Whether they're getting it.
  • What's stopping them from taking the next step.
  • And what they do after they connect.

This attention to long-term data ensures the right message gets to the right people at the right time.

And if it doesn't, you'll know why.

Get more than just traffic and visitors. Get results.

Connect with us today and unleash the power of intelligent business optimization.

The 4 Cs: #3 Conversation

The second step in intelligent CRO is Conversation.

Here's the principle...

People buy from people, not companies. And people never buy products. At least not physical products.

What people buy are relationships and benefits: emotional solutions from people they know and trust.

This is where traditional marketing — even "traditional" internet marketing — stumbles. By jumping directly from promotion to product to pitch, the most important feature of digital sales is ignored: value.

Intelligent marketing engages your audience in a relationship...
an ongoing Conversation that adds value before it takes.

This whole idea of creating a valuable Conversation, instead of one-off pieces of "collateral," can often feel mysterious. But it's not. At least, not with the right help.

Call it content marketing, content media, or just content creation, DelfiNet's full-service team enables you to develop a results-focused Conversation with the customer firmly in mind.

Plus, by mapping the process out scientifically, we're able to pinpoint sticking points and eliminate loss.

Improve engagement. Eliminate friction

And, of course, get the kind of rock-solid results we continually provide for our clients.

The 4 Cs: #3 Conversion

Conversion is where the magic happens. Or, at least, it's where you hope it does.

Conversion is all about "the click."

It might be an email signup, an ad, an opt-in, or maybe even that big, beautiful "Buy Now" button — but regardless of what "it" is... it has to work.

And when it doesn't, you need to know why.

Every point in your funnel is an opportunity for failure or success.

By focusing on a proven strategy of A/B testing...

You'll know exactly how to turn your visitors into customers,
and prospects into clients.

And then, you'll know how to do it over and over again.

Unlike other CRO firms, we take aim at implementing big changes as soon as we have the data to back them up. Why? Because in the end, your business goals are the only conversion rates that really matter.

Leveraging micro conversions — like email signups and CTRs — into macro conversion — like purchases and upsells — enables us to replicate success across your entire funnel.

In other words, we turn small, scalable changes into big, money-making wins.

And the best part is, you don't have to wait.

You can start your intelligent business optimization now, just by sending us your contact info.

The 4 Cs: #4 Commitment

The last stage in developing an intelligent business strategy is Commitment.

Commitment is the holy grail of marketing... and it's also one more key that separates us from our competitors.

Commitment means going past the click, the sale, the up-sale, and the recurring sale.

It even goes beyond "back-end" strategies focused on maximizing the "lifetime value" of individual customers.

As crucial as all these follow-ups are, what we really love about CRO goes beyond all of it.

Commitment means...

We don't stop optimizing until your content, products, or services are so valuable and compelling (so genuinely helpful and flat out amazing) that your visitors don't just click ‘em, love ‘em, and buy ‘em... they share ‘em and promote ‘em too.

And that's what's so truly powerful about Commitment...

Because committed customers sell for you.
And (most importantly!) they sell better than you ever could.

#4 Development & Strategy

To Create, Launch, and Maintain Your Digital Business

When it comes to the services and products you sell, you're the expert.

And yet, how often do you find yourself or your team trying to troubleshoot technical problem that have nothing to do with what you're truly amazing at?

Here is exactly where having a full-stack team of seasoned professionals really pays off.

Because to make your digital enterprise grow...

You don't just need marketers, copywriters, designers, and analysts.

You need developers and engineers too: behind-the-scene experts making sure everything does exactly what it's supposed to, when it's supposed... and who can fix it when it doesn't.

What you really need is all these experts working together... with one unified goal: your success.

That's exactly what you get with DelfiNet.

I'd like to call out DelfiNet for doing an AMAZING job on this project.

I repeatedly went to them with really hard challenges that seemed like there was no solution. They never failed to make the technology work, exactly as we needed in and in very short order...

It is truly rare to find such talented tech guys who you can actually talk to — in plain language.

Keith and his team are rockstars.

Rebecca Rapple, Founder
Spark TV

Keith, who remarkably understands both technology and business issues, helped build all our front-end technology for [the product].

Keith [and his team], even with last-minute requests, never said no, but instead made tradeoffs and recommendations that always turned out to be right. You're the only person I'd trust to build an entire CMS in a few weeks..

Anonymized by NDA

Holy moly, watching the past 6-8 weeks go by has been enlightening, and most of it has been from watching you take on tasks as an individual that I would think a team of five would be needed. You are a top performer.

Chris Whitmore, President
Whitmore Productions

Having an all-in-one team on your side means you never have to worry about wasted time, blown deadlines, or lost momentum... again.

Plus, we don't just build it and launch it.

We maintain it too.

Freeing you up to focus on what matters most: providing stellar products and services and delighting your customers.

Tap into DelfiNet's $30-million-dollar track record of success and get the kind of proven results you've always wanted...

Like 4x more sales in just three months!

Connect with us today
and let's transform your online business

Into a Traffic-Driving, Lead-Generating, Sales-Closing machine